Perfectly Imperfect (Living Your Life With Dr Abdulfattah Adeyemi)

Living Your Life With Dr Abdulfattah Adeyemi

Perfectly Imperfect

In the world we live in, the people we have to deal with everyday, the colleagues we are compelled to work with, some friends that fate forced us to choose, the family members we are destined to cope with, the neighbours that circumstances have placed near us, the good people we are lucky to have met, and the not so good individuals that life has imposed on us: there is no single perfect human being among them. It is in this same imperfect world that we have to live, survive and relate with imperfect people. Wouldn’t we all remain single for ever if its only perfect people that get married?

Good friends will not be generous with their listening ears all the time. Family members will not always be there for us in times of need. Lovers will not always speak calmly or softly, and a beautiful face may not come with a smart brain. Smart people may not make the right choices at all times. Employers will not always appreciate; employees will not always be grateful. Even we will not be always wise, patient or cheerful. There are mistakes we make despite our cautions; there are times we get broke even with our frugality. We do eventually wrinkle despite our beauty creams. We fall ill despite our personal hygiene. Then, our fallibility stares us in the face as we realize that perfection is inconsistent with our human nature.

However, human imperfection should not be our alibi for mediocrity, carelessness, negligence and ignorance. A security person cannot cheat nature. True. But falling asleep on duty, putting lives and property in danger is not acceptable. A banking executive should not make mistakes with figures:  an extra ‘zero’ carelessly added to a figure cannot be tolerable. There is no perfect driver; but human imperfection is not an excuse for an accident caused by reckless driving. Human deficiency does not cover breaking the law, committing crimes or engaging in self-destructive ventures and life styles.

The realization and acceptance of this imperfection is not meant to make us give up on ourselves. Rather, it is to make us humble, accept the inevitability of the trials of life, forgive ourselves and others, and make a resolve to move on despite our past failures. It is to make us learn to extol excellence, reward good virtues, respect hard work, appreciate efforts, celebrate talents and encourage potentials in ourselves and everyone else.

 We cannot make progress if we do not admit our deficiencies and work on them.  Our imperfections are what they are, we are who we are. There is no shame in imperfection. Despite your inherent flaws, financial situations, or medical condition you are still unique, beautiful and human, with a potential to transcend your limitations. Don’t bother being perfect; just be great.



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