About Us

Why The Glitters Online

After more than two decades as a Newspaper Reporter, writer and editor, it is crystal clear that the print section of the media is having a major challenge with the advent of the social media. The tradition has always been to report today’s news tomorrow. But with the coming onboard of the social media, today’s news must be made available to the readers on the go.

While some Newspaper houses in the country key-in to the new narrative, many others were left in the lurch to the extent that sales quickly dried up and payment of salary of staff became a thing of the past.

In a bid to provide News on the go to many people who desire it, The Glitters Online was conceived in 2016 and since it existence, it has become a house-hold name as a source of credible and factual news source online.

Theglittersonline has recorded tremendous growth as we offer a voice to the voiceless while treating News in a special way.

Our focus has always been to provide content that readers want. Most Nigerians are tired on hard news that has had little or no impact on their lives for many years. We therefore ensure that we provide content on entertainment, human angle, sport, odd news and issue based analyses.

The Team

A crop of dedicated and young professional journalists led by Kazeem Akintunde on a day to day basis ensured that The Glitters Online provides rich contents for its readers. Akintunde has seen it all in the media industry as he has garnered over 25 years practical experience on the field.

He started work as a reporter with Lagos Horizon, a Lagos State government owned media house on January 1, 1995.

In the year 2000, he was employed as a staff writer with The Week Magazine owned by former vice president Atiku Abubakar. He once again moved to Tell Magazine as a senior Staff Writer in 2003 before moving to Daily Independent Newspaper as Senior Correspondent in 2006. It was at Daily Independent that he became an award winning Journalist for a feature he did while at Tell Magazine.

The Reporter of the Year award won at the Diamond Award for Media Excellence, DAME, catapulted his carrier progression as it earned him double promotion. He left Daily Independent in 2007 as News editor on theSaturday desk for Newswatch Magazine as Associate editor. He was also promoted Senior Associate editor at Newswatch before joining Leadership Newspaper in 2010 as Deputy Editor and head of Lagos office of the Newspaper.

Akintunde was promoted Editor of Leadership Friday in 2015 before he resigned his appointment in 2016 to set up The Glitters Online.

And at The Glitters Online, we shall continue to offer factual and balanced News with the people as the primary focus of our engagement.

Be part of us.