Osun Deploys 600 Education Marshall In Schools

Osun Deploys 600 Education Marshall In Schools

In its bid to restore sanity to the education system and enhance teaching and learning process in all the public schools across Osun state, the state government is set to deploy 600 Education Marshals to all public schools in the state.

The Bureau of Communication and Strategy in the office of the governor, in a statement on Monday, quoted the Executive Chairman, Osun Education Quality Assurance and Morality Enforcement Agency, Dr. Isiaka Owoade  as saying that the state would launch the discipline team as part of efforts to eliminate the human factors that always hamper the smooth process of teaching and learning in the schools.
The statement signed by the Director of the Bureau, Semiu Okanlawon, quoted Owoade as stating that the decision was taken to ensure quality assurance for all in education system so as to complement the huge investment made by the state in education sector.
Owoade, who identified gross indiscipline, moral decadence and nonchalant attitude among students and teachers as factors militating against educational growth and development, said no effort would be spared to achieve high sense of discipline and bring out the best in every pupil and student of public schools in the state.
He attributed an act of indiscipline between and among staff, pupils and students as one major factor that has been proven to affect educational outcomes negatively in the state.
According to him, it is crystal clear that the present administration in the state has invested huge sums of money in education infrastructure, teacher recruitment and training.
The Chairman of the agency said the Marshals will be organised as foot patrol teams to monitor the streets to discourage truancy, loitering and other forms of anti-social behaviours by public school students when they are supposed to be in their schools.
Owoade disclosed that the Marshals would be trained with relevant sections of The Child Rights Act; basic children psychology (how to deal with difficult children), various manifestation of indiscipline, ethical issues in dealing with children as well as how to relate with the other law enforcement agencies.




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