#EndSARS: Don’t Kill Protesters, Listen To Them, Nwobodo Pleads With Buhari

#EndSARS: Don’t Kill Protesters, Listen To Them, Nwobodo Pleads With Buhari


Senator Jim Nwobodo has pleaded with President Muhammadu Buhari to listen to the agitation of the protesters instead of unleashing the Military on them.

 Nwobodo said that the army should face Nigeria’s enemies and not the youths, stating that the president should instead reassure the youths that they have a future in the country.

He said that ever since the protests started, he has been receiving calls from overseas to verify is the situation in Nigeria was actually true.

In a statement, on Monday, the second republic Governor of old Anambra state asked President Buhari to ignore his ill advisers and address the nation on the issues being canvassed by the protesters.

Nwobodo said: “Mr. President, please do not allow our next generation and most valuable assets to be wasted in this very most painful manner. Listen to the agitation of these youths and find a way to address them.

It is time to speak out, the number of human beings, not animals but human beings, killed and are still being killed daily is heartbreaking.

“The solution is not to raise a counter group to attack the protesters and heighten the crisis. I believe it is time to address the nation and reassure these young boys and girls that their lives are important and secure, and that they have a bright future.

“As Parents, we should imagine that these youths being wasted are our own children. It is time to address this situation and ignore and do away with evil advisers who want this country inflamed.

“Elders, religious leaders of all faiths, stakeholders, and all well-meaning Nigerians should please intervene and save this degenerating situation.”


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