Pixels Offers Free Internet Facilities To Public

Pixels Offers Free Internet Facilities To Public
In keeping to the creed and ideals of offering best value and premium services to the general public, the management of the foremost digital photography outfit, Pixels International Academy has announced free Wifi  value-add service across all their outlets.
The CEO affirmed that the company is offering this to reaffirm its total commitment to offering best value for every transaction between Pixels and the general public, as they will continue to offer premium products and services to their highly esteemed customers.
“Part of our premium offerings as the pace setter and market leader in photography industry, today we announced free Wifi value-add service across all our outlets. Customers can now book sessions and while waiting for their pictures to be ready within our business premises, they can switch from their data to access our free wifi to browse and check their social media platforms”, the soft spoken lady noted.
She however, added that the firm will also be expanding its outlets network beyond what they have presently as part of their unrelenting efforts to promptly respond to their customers’ requests and to cover large part of the photography market.
“We’re expanding not to only provide photography but to also bring to fore brand experience. Our contact with customers will now be holistic from planing their events to delivering top notch post event productions”. She hinted.
“Other plans are in top gear to meet the needs and expectations of our highly esteemed customers, as we would soon unveil activities lineup to mark the 16th anniversary of this great institution”, said  Olaosebikan.


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