Danfo Accident Kills Heavily Pregnant Woman

Danfo Accident Kills Heavily Pregnant Woman

A danfo with the registration number, KTW 479 XQ descending Maryland under bridge this afternoon somersaulted leaving two women completely burnt while four other occupants of the bus sustained injuries.

One of the victims, a heavily pregnant woman was seriously burnt before help could come her way. The two women were believed to be fish sellers coming from Oyingbo where they had gone to buy fish. The danfo was heading towards Ikeja when the incident happened.

According to eyewitness account, the danfo was trying to overtake a Toyota Highlander, which was equally speedily descending the Maryland Bridge when it somersaulted and caught fire instantly.

The driver, conductor and four other occupants of the bus were reported to have escaped with injuries while the ladies who were trapped in the fire completely got burnt.

Littering the scene of the accident were several pieces of ‘eja eegun’ that were owned by the women.

On the scene assisting in the evacuation of the charred bodies of the ladies were LASEMA and RRS officials.

The remains of the women have taken to Ikeja General Hospital while the burnt vehicle has been evacuated.

Those with injuries have equally being given first aid treatment and while those with serious wounds have been transfered to General Hospital, Ikeja by the Lagos State Ambulance Emergency Services (LASEMBUS).


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