My Flashy Lifestyle Funded By Hardwork- Ashmusy


My Flashy Lifestyle Funded By Hardwork- Ashmusy

A social media content creator, Amarachi Amusi, aka Ashymushy, has denied the allegation that trended about her during the week that she and another skit maker, Nons Miraj, were having an affair with controversial politician, Dino Melaye.

She stated that her luxurious lifestyle was funded by her hard work. Responding to the allegation, she said, “I will say they should keep swimming in their ignorance and poverty; that is their problem.

“If they cannot see the work (we do) and the things we post every day, and realise that those things fetch us money (that is their problem). It is totally untrue (that I am being financed by anyone).”

She also stated that she was shocked when the news broke on the Internet during the week. She said, “I was shock, as I did not understand it; especially because I had never met him or had anything to do with him (Dino Melaye).

“The allegation came about because the blog involved was trying to chase clout and drive attention to their page.”

Asked why she sent the blogger a message if she was indeed innocent, Ashmusy said, “The blogger and I usually chat even about business, so I sent a message refuting the story. I asked why they posted such false and terrible information (about me) without verifying it first.”

On if she will press charges against the blogger, the social media influencer said, “One cannot be pressing charges against the wind. The blog is anonymous, and that is why they had the effrontery to post such nonsense without verification. Meanwhile, I am moving on to more important things in my life.”

Ashmusy also stated that public figures often got enmeshed in controversies because they were in the limelight. She added, “There are many people out there who are full of hate and envy; hence they want to drag others down to their levels, and make them as pathetic as they are.”