Mistresses: Your List Not Long Enough, Apostle Suleman


Mistresses: Your List Not Long Enough, Apostle Suleman

The President, Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has faulted claims by a popular blogger that he (Suleman) allegedly keeps several mistresses.

The blogger had released a list of no fewer than 30 female celebrities who were claimed to be the cleric’s mistresses, adding that there were more people missing from the list.

But reacting to the allegations in a video posted on his Twitter handle on Wednesday, the pastor claimed he was nit moved by the list, adding that “the list is not long enough”.

“I have been busy with this crusade but I heard that they are dragging me on social media, that the man is diabolic. Diabolic kee you there. You want to drag me? We will drag ourselves.

“I’m being accused of knowing some people. These are people who come to my church. Should I deny my children because of what is being written? The list is not long enough. Make it 200.

“I am the one who will disappear that blog. You attack politicians, you attack celebrities and you came for me. You have entered my trap.

“If you are brave, reveal your identity. You can’t be hiding. Reveal your identity, drop your address and let’s pay you a visit,” the cleric said.


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