Humbling Of ‘Bobrisky’ And Desecration of Our Value System, Tunde Abatan

Tunde Abatan

Humbling Of ‘Bobrisky’ And Desecration of Our Value System, Tunde Abatan


Idris Okuneye, aka Bobrisky must have felt temporary eclipse of his pride last Friday as the judge pronounced a sentence on him for his Anti-social ways.

He must have also felt let down by his so -called five million followers on social media who he has in one way or the other recruited to endorse his anti-societal ways.

But more than this, his father, Alhaji Musbau Okuneye, who was regarded as a man of strong character among his fellow members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, in Ejigbo, Lagos must have turned in his grave when sentenced was passed on his son without an option of fine.

Alhaji Okuneye unknowingly got deceived by his son even while still alive.

He told his father his feminine dressing in social media was solely for acting drama.

He also temporarily dressed as a man both when he appeared at his late Father’s birthday in 2020 and on the occasion of the later burial three years later.

But all his lies gave way to reality as he pleaded guilty before the trial judge when he discovered he has lost it.

His pleading guilty unknown to many may be to avoid surfacing of other financial crimes being prepared against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

He obviously hides under his social nuisance to commit other Crimes for which Judgement mat come one day however much he runs.

The EFCC by Bobrisky’s trial may have helped our social affairs ministry to lay hands on him as the later had no clue on how to address this social nuisance and his bad influence on youths following him.

But eventually as the saying, you can only hide and run for some time, you can’t run for ever.

But the law caught up with him not in his anti-social behaviours but this time on his trampling on the nation’s currency.

Bobrisky who later got ‘disowned’ by his thoroughly embarrassed father before his death also lost the support for him among his gullible followers.

Types of Bobrisky came from generation to generation.

His Cross -dressing which was practically anti-social and un-cultural made enough recruits in youths who worship him for his weird ways and on whose account and support he drew unholy and ungodly attention to himself.

Bobrisky’s confidence was buoyed by the absence of the will on the part of law enforcement agents who failed to get him tried for being on the wrong side of the law.

But he eventually got trapped when he trampled on the naira- the nation’s currency.

Since, naira abuse is punishable by law, his cup got full and the EFCC got him under the bus. He may still be tired for money laundering on which he has been a suspect all the while.

Hence, one way or the other doing that which is abnormal by defacing his nations currency is the instrument for his eventual date with the law.

Though he told the trial judge, Justice Abimbola Awogboro he is a Man, contrary to his often claim of bi- sexuality, it was a way to hide himself from ‘homo’ sapiens like him who may make mince of him inside female prison had he been sent there to served his term.

It is a known fact that inside Nigeria’s prison there is a way some unofficial laws of the jungle exist among prisoners.

Yes, this may make our prison system punitive rather than reformative, at least it has a way of dishing out a lesson for social miscreants in the society that besides the known law, there are some other laws and punishment within the confines of our prisons.

The miscreants in our prison. For which the internal system led by prison officials have no control, have a way of meting out punishment though such behaviour turned ordinary criminals into hardened fellows before their terms are over.

The prison ‘unofficial’ law lords like Bobrisky, carved an outlaw Republic for themselves inside our various jail houses.

His new countenance for pleading guilty has revealed that all the while, Bobrisky knew the full import of his anti-social behaviour but thought that he could always get away in a country like Nigeria. A country of anything goes.

If at the end of his six months he came out a changed man at least to campaign against Anti-social behaviour like himself as he promised during his allocutus, he would’ve demonstrated seriousness to change his ways.

In a way, Bobrisky had to pay for his sins but this time around not according to the scripture which stipulates that the wages of sin is death.

Bobrisky when he posed with his late father’s friend, Alhaji Bashir Olowu to deceive the later

For us to address social misfits like Bobrisky who use ways like this to Commit other Crimes, Our Law system has to go through changes to stipulate maximum punishment for characters like him who has destroyed the life of Youths who follow him especially in the social media. He has negatively affected the lives of Youths of his generation.

Let’s wait and see whether Bobrisky will allow Six months behind bars make him have a rethink; change his ways and protect his father’s good name.

His conviction is a signal and warning to others like him Who are yet to get caught up by the law.