Read About The Most Expensive Transfer In Women’s Football


Read About The Most Expensive Transfer In Women’s Football

Women’s football is growing up a lot. There have been impressive crowds at the Camp Nou for the Champions League, and this year’s Euros in England broke the world record for viewership and attendance.

Obviously, that makes the players’ salaries go up and there are more sponsorships. The world stars are already wanted by big teams and the transfers are getting more and more expensive every day, obviously without reaching the stratospheric salaries of the men’s team.

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Women’s football transfers have reached an all-time high, and Keira Walsh is worth it. Barcelona has just shelled out the big bucks to bring her to Ciudad Condal, making her the most expensive player in the world.

Who is Keira Walsh

The England midfielder started her career at Manchester City in 2014, and it was immediately clear that she was a special talent. She was always a very active child, she never stopped running, and her father realised this and introduced her to football.

She was always with the ball and this made him have a very special relationship with it, and he treats her very well. Walsh is a very creative midfielder who finds solutions on the pitch where there are none. With one pass, she can solve the problem and put her teammates in front of goal.

A City fan since she was a child, she fulfilled her dream of wearing the sky blue shirt, where she played more than 200 games and won the league in 2016. Her talent made even the men’s side talk about her because of her impressive calm and technique.

From the midfield she has the ability to organise the game with her very good dribbling, besides, she knows how to give rhythm to the team, and if she has to stop, she does it. She understands the tempo of the game, which not many players do.

She’s also a ball-winner, she fights for the ball and doesn’t stop until she gets it back. This means she has a very strong physique and can cover long distances on the pitch. But her main function is to organise.

As soon as she has the ball at her feet, no matter where she is on the pitch, she does damage. She knows where to send a pass, and if there are no receivers, she can carry the ball into the box.

Her mid-range shot is very good. More than power she has placement, if she starts from the left she hits with the right like a billiard player, she is exact in her deliveries. This also makes her dangerous, because the defenders don’t know if she will shoot or pass the ball.

This year with the English national team, she was perhaps the best. She was chosen as the most valuable of the final, and that speaks that she doesn’t hide in important moments. This is her strongest quality, she is a leader and likes to lead by example.

England lifted a national team title again, and it was partly because of the level Walsh is at.

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona are one of the best women’s teams in the world. They dominate in Spain and have already won their first Champions League. They have the best player in the world, Alexia Putellas, yet their squad has world-class elements.

This season they got rid of symbols like Lieke Martens, who at one point was FIFA’s The Best. The Dutchwoman was a perfect fit for the Culé team, but there were plans within the board of directors to renew her contract in order to regain dominance in Europe. The Catalans lost the last Champions League final to the legendary Lyon.

Before the start of the season, during a training session with the Spanish national team. Alexia Putellas suffered a serious injury, and it looks like she will miss the whole season. Without her, Barcelona loses a lot of power, order, and dynamism.

Putellas is the captain, but what she generates on the court is unmatched. She is perhaps the most decisive player at the moment, and such a loss is a delicate one.

The club immediately set to work and signed another English star. Lucy Bronze. The defender comes to shore up the Culé side. She decided not to renew her contract with City and came to Barcelona for free. But the injury of their best player required something drastic. The wallet had to be taken out.

The club negotiated to the point of exhaustion with the Cityzens who did not want to let go of their best midfielder. A deal could not be done. The English player was attracted to wear the Blaugrana because her father when she was a child, encouraged her to watch Pep’s Barça matches so that she could learn more about football.

Besides, Walsh’s idol is David Villa, and much of her game is based on the Spanish striker. Almost a few days before the start of the Spanish league, the Spanish club came up with an irresistible offer. 400,000 euros for the midfielder.

This would make her the most expensive transfer in the history of women’s football. Obviously, it puts a bit of pressure on the talented player, but it creates a precedent and inflates the market. We will surely see more expensive transfers in the future.

What Walsh is offering Barça

In her first statements, the midfielder already declared that it is a dream come true. To see that Barcelona team that won everything made an impact on her, and now to wear the colours of her idols is a reality.

The main idea is to try to replace Alexia, who will not be back for a while. Their roles are different, but the generation of football is very similar. Walsh plays further back, but she’s a striker, something like Steven Gerrard or Andrés Iniesta, and Alexia plays further forward and her game is more like that of Messi.

Without the Spanish player, they lose game generation, that’s why they insisted so much on buying Walsh. They need someone to give that rhythm and pace to the team. Obviously, the idea is that they play together and share the responsibilities, but for the moment the Englishwoman has to start generating a lot of football for the Blaugrana forwards.

Barcelona wants to regain its European crown. They lost their Queen, but they have what could be her heir. Will she be able to assert her status as the most valuable player in the world?


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