Umahi Calls For Transparency Among Judiciary Officers

Umahi Calls For Transparency Among Judiciary Officers
By Joyce Aroh Abakaliki
Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi,  has disclosed that the Judiciary in the State now  enjoy autonomy under his administration and he also called for transparency among the Judicial Officers.
Speaking at the event, the Governor pledges to look into the general welfare of the Judicial Officers including getting more operational vehicles for the Magistrates and other cadres of the Bar and Bench within the new legal year.
He said “We will look into the welfare of the Magistrate.
“The Judiciary generally in Nigeria is highly challenged and the Judiciary must redeem itself for the Peace and unity of Nigeria. We must at every time put the unity and stability of Nigeria first.”
The Governor also commended the Chief Justice of the state for his prudence, promised to work more closely with the Judiciary to provide a platform for the reinforcement of the Judiciary.
On his part the State Chief Judge, Justice Elvis Ngene thanked the Governor and Government of Ebonyi State for a good working relationship with the Judiciary and pledged to improve their performance in the new legal year.
“In the coming weeks and months, we hope to explore how to leverage the realities on the ground to enhance more progress and productivity in terms of fixing not only infrastructure but a holistic investment that will impact all factors critical to the effective, efficient, and sustainable justice delivery. With the help of God, we shall look at everything worthy of and demanding our attention, and tackle all challenges with courage in the new legal year.
“The Judiciary in Ebonyi State has always and shall continue to relate positively and favorably with the other arms of government to the extent that it does not erode the cherished independence of the Judiciary. We must remain conscious of the borderlines that separate us in the spirit of separation of powers and checks and balances. In the same vein, we must remain committed to the understanding that the government is made up of the three arms which must function and collaborate in harmonious coexistence as one government of Ebonyi State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.’


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