There Are Several Rude Actresses In Nollywood -Grace Amah


There Are Several Rude Actresses In Nollywood -Grace Amah


 The actress from Ebonyi State talks about her current engagements, career and sundry issues with AJIBADE ALABI in this interview. Excerpts:


What is new for Grace Amah?

As usual it’s a new year, new vision and sustained focus. I will focus on my project of attending to the needy in the society and promote issues that will help protect the poor from the domination of the privileged. I want to drive a vision where everyone in the society will be proud to identify with that society and willingly contribute to the building of the society in all ramifications. I want to remain a role model to the young ones that hold the key to the future of the society.

Will you say you are fully back to Nollywood?

I never left Nollywood,  I only needed to give the desired attention to the family which is the primary constituency of every human person. But I am fully back now. You will begin to see my new movies in due course because I’m getting busier.

I read an interview where you said that Nollywood is a gathering of professional prostitutes.  Are you still standing by that?

It was a question that was thrown at me during an interview and I had to say it the way I perceived it. I have got several experiences and the perception people have about us is that actresses are prostitutes.

Some of my colleagues have actually downgraded the profession but I am proud to be a professional actress. When I got into the industry, I went through several auditions but now actresses are getting roles on a platter of gold. At that time you could attend about 20 auditions and yet, you will not get your name on the list. It was really frustrating then.

Talking of new actresses, how do you see them?

They are favoured because what we went through during my own time is certainly not what they are going through right now. These days someone could just walk into a location and act or a producer could just see somebody on the road and call her to come and feature in a movie. Before you know what is happening he or she would become popular and eventually become a celebrity or star as you journalist always say. Most of these young actors don’t have respect for elders in the industry. Most of them don’t know how to say hello to their seniors in the industry and when the seniors go extra mile to say hello to them, they snub you.

Do you mean the upcoming artistes don’t respect their seniors?

 Some of the upcoming artistes don’t have respect for elders.

 What makes a good actress?

A good actress is someone who has acting skills. If you find yourself in Nollywood, believing you are talented, you also go to school to acquire more acting knowledge. Someone who can deliver his or her character very well and pass that message to his or her audience perfectly can be said to be a good actor or actress.

Some actresses don’t know how to handle stardom. What do you think is responsible for that?

 It’s simply because some of them didn’t really know they were going to become stars. As stars, they became so arrogant and proud and throw caution to the wind.

Your son is four.  How does it feel?

My son is four years old.  That was the reason you were not seeing me on screen as usual. It’s a joy of every mother to see her child in good health and in a peaceful home.

What is your relationship with his father?

My son’s father is fine. There is no problem.  What is important is not relationship per se but the welfare or well being of the child. And I can confirm that my son is growing great and doing very well in school.

Does he pay special attention to him?

I don’t know what special attention is.  He pays attention to him and that is enough.

We are still asking if you’ve found love or you will stick to your baby’s daddy.

When I am ready to discuss my love life I will invite the press (laughs).

 What do you really want from the man to spend the rest of your life with?

Any man that I will spend the rest of my life with will be credible. He must have integrity. He must be caring and ready to tolerate our deficiencies.

 Is it really difficult to find true love?

Finding true love depends on what the person searching for love wants. What I want in love may not be what another person wants.  I will marry at God’s appointed time.

 What are you most grateful to God for and your greatest wish?

I am grateful to God for life and good health. He is a great provider and I will worship Him forever. I pray to live a fulfilled life worth emulating and pleasing to God Almighty.


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