Even If I Lose, I’ve Inspired Youths- Sowore


Even If I Lose, I’ve Inspired Youths- Sowore

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, has said even if he does not win the 2023 elections, he is happy that he has inspired the youths and younger generation to believe that they deserve a better Nigeria.

Sowore said this during an interview on News Central’s Politics HQ, monitored by our correspondent on Thursday night.

Sowore, who described himself both as a pessimist and an optimist, said he is optimistic for the future whether he gets to be in charge or not, because the youth had woken up and would not settle for less than they deserved from governance.

Sowore said, “What is more important is my interest in making this country work. Politics should be a service. My kind of optimism is different. I expect the worst and hope for the best. I’m an optimist for the future. Even if we don’t get to be in charge directly, new generation would emerge that would not accept this kind of condition of existence and that we would have inspired them.

“Whatever little contribution we can give or any sacrifice we can make now that will even make people in power think twice sometimes when they make decisions or policies are not bad for me. The fact that we are seeing younger generation of persons who are getting radicalised as well and promising that this system will catch hell one day if it continues this way is for me an optimistic engagement.”