40 Years Anniversary: LABASCO ’82 Set Begins Celebration, Renovates School

40 Years Anniversary: LABASCO ’82 Set Begins Celebration, Renovates School
Members of the Old Students Association, 1982 set, LABASCO, are giving back to their alma mater as the have renovated a block of seven classrooms in the School II of their alma mater, Lagos Baptist Secondary School, LABASCO, Orile Agege, Lagos State.
The old students have also promised to commence renovation work in its School I once the bureaucracy involved is completed.
The renovation and provision of the facilities are part of the activities lined up to mark the 40 years of the set’s graduation from the school.
Speaking on the activities of the old students, its chairman, Mr. Babatunde Oluyinka, said the renovation and provision of facilities were informed by the need to give back to the school that gave them a solid foundation.
He stated that the 40 years anniversary of their graduation from the school was a good opportunity for them and they felt they should give back to their alma mater by making the environment conducive for learning.
His words: “We embark on this work as a mark of our appreciation to the school for giving us the opportunity to be somebody in life. We remember that the motto of the school is “Education is the best legacy”; secondly, this is a commemoration of our 40th anniversary of graduating from the school.”
Oluyinka also paid special tribute to the principal at the time they were students, Chief M.O. Alake.
“We are really grateful to our deceased principal, Chief M.O. Alake, for his strong influence in the lives of students who passed through the school,” he said.
The chairman of the association also praised the other old students for their cooperation to make the project a huge success.
He prayed to God Almighty to continue to bless them.
“We also appreciate the support, good faith and camaraderie of the 82 set of the school for making this possible. It’s rare to have a family like ours. We are grateful to every member and we pray that God will continually bless us all,” he said.


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