A Sick Nation And Her Sickening Secret Service By Erasmus Ikhide

A Sick Nation And Her Sickening Secret Service By Erasmus Ikhide
THE citizens’ clarion call that the Department of State Services (DSS)
should be scrapped forthwith by the act of national assembly and its
operatives from top to bottom debriefed; re-educated, even rusticated
or redistributed to another minimally functional paramilitary
institutions like the Nigeria Police Force will no doubt heals the
nation of the wounds from the vested madness and brutality the secret
service has visited on the failed state called Nigeria.
whose Beastiality threatens national cohesion, the nation’s
Constitution and the judiciary, democracy and its majestic ethos? Who
need an obsolete self-serving and self-abnegating Stone Age
anti-democratic security outfit, with scant methodology on
intelligence gathering, lacking in cybernetics sophistry without a
single idea on how to tame real and actual security threats to the
The DSS needs internal purgation, and urgently too. Someone like Peter
Afunaya, its spokesman should be thrown out of the window for further
disgracing an ethically flawed institution which knew next to nothing
about intelligence gathering,  solely masquerading as an attack dog
for the presidency.
The conundrum has been why furnish and burnish criminal government
with false intelligence reports against the citizens when the real
enemy of the state is the same vampire government? I have laboured in
the past to educate the DSS and her collaborators that its protective
alibi labelled “national security” is a mere subterfuge. The actual
name is “regime security” coded as “national security” to defraud and
cow uninformed citizens to submission. Citizens must not be given
order by lawless secret service that can not differentiate between
Boko Haram and social change agents and activists.
Tragically, Peter Afunaya is a poor image-maker for the DSS with his
amateurish defence and blatant falsehood he puts forward on the
several viral videos that signposted the desecration of the hall of
justice at the Federal High, Abuja on Friday by the DSS.
“However, when SOWORE stepped out of the court and sighted operatives
of the Service within the premises, he ran back into the courtroom. In
a bid to shield him from an imaginary arrest, his uncontrollable
supporters mobbed him while chanting “you can’t arrest him” thus the
 pandemonium that ensued.
“A critical look at the videos in circulation would convince any
objective viewer that there was no DSS personnel during the entire
period the Sowore crowd acted out its orchestrated drama. Its
personnel were never, at any time, involved in the incident. In actual
fact, it was his people who seized him. And from the latest
developments, it has become obvious what the intent for such mischief
was meant for – simply to serve a propagandist purpose as well as
bring the Service to disrepute.
“Eye witness and several media accounts have disclosed that the Court
had adjourned peacefully without an untoward incident when suddenly
the unruly crowd imported into the Courtroom went into a frenzy on the
mere suspicion that DSS was sighted at the court premises. The
eventual re-arrest of Sowore by the DSS was effected outside the
courtroom. His lead counsel has affirmed this”, reads Afunaya
misguided falsehood.
Afunaya couldn’t hide the fact that doing the bidding of a murderous
tyrant is different from protective media anchorage. He could still
not give valid reasons or answers as to why the DSS rearrested Omoyele
Sowore after less than 24 hours after he met the bail conditions.
Like the ostrich that he is, Afunaya buried his head and that of the
DSS in the sand without a word on the abduction of the journalist and
human rights activist in a bizarre and gangly despotic manner. Mr.
Afunaya poorly hazards haphazard half-truth on the secret service
disgraceful outing without mentioning the commando-like but shameful
exhibition of empty power in the midst of defenceless citizens.
What’s the usefulness of a discredited ethnically cultivated and
motivated compromised secret service that could not decipher or detect
activities of murderous militias like Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen
long before they unleash terror on the nation? What’s the DSS’s day
job when cultists killed themselves and cause mayhem on a daily basis
across the country? What inform DSS open contempt for the judiciary
and the law, if not misplaced intelligence computation, analysis and
misplaced priority?
It’s time the National Assembly revisits the law that established the
DSS for taking sadistic pleasure in dehumanizing Nigerians. The DSS
needs complete restructuring or outright scrapping from its present
banality and rescue it away from being an appendage of any president
in power or unlisted powerful individuals at the corridors of power.
Without that, Nigerians would wake up one day and be told that the
notorious scofflaw has created her own law courts where they (the DSS)
can now do maximum violence to Nigerian citizens, democracy and


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