Living Your Life (3)

Living Your Life


Dr Abdulfattah Adeyemi


The Rare Fire

Once upon a time, Moses was travelling with his family in the Sinai desert. As they travelled farther, their shadows grew longer while the sun began to slide downwards in the sky. The desert sand cools off at the approach of the evening, turning from reddish brown rust into dark blue. It will soon be swallowed by the night. Then the night will put the shadows in her bag, and there will be nothing left but the icy cold of the furious wind. And there will be nothing to guide Moses and his family except the timely gleam of a light that he perceives from the distant. The dazzling light came from a strange fire, fuelled by a strange bush.

In the natural world, fire is an amazing, baffling combination of light and heat. It is an extremely powerful force which is so difficult to contain. The dynamic forceful movement from fire can transform solid matter to mere ashes in a very short time. It can rapidly over-power, consume, spread and destroy. But despite its mesmerizing quality of destruction, fire is a highly creative force, which brings about change, transformation, inspiration and sometimes, revelation.

The people with fire personality seem to have had a longer stay in the kiln of character. Perhaps this is why some of us burn with the fire of rage and consuming anger from time to time. The various heat of anger runs from mild frustration and irritation to being set ablaze with jealousy, or smoulder with hatred or be enraged in violence. This is because, sometimes when anger comes, we kind of physically buckle our seat belt and just head for trouble. Anger has the capacity to destroy in a moment a relationship that has taken years to build. It is the number one factor in hatred, abuse and divorce in marriage.

On the positive side, fire personalities are dynamic and confident. They live in the moment and so, it is unlikely that they clutter their lives with pains of their past. They bring the inner warmth of happiness wherever they go, and they radiate the energy of cooperation and friendship within their environment. They have contagious smiles that resemble a portable sun, which they carry around to dispel sorrow and gloom from their acquaintances.

Like the curls of smoke and dancing flames, people blessed with fire energy are typified by movement in upward spirals. Let’s say they are passionately progressive. You simply can’t meet them where you left them.  They embody action, charisma, inspiration and effective communication. They have resilience, perseverance and creativity. The close link between the fire element and light makes the marriage to such persons to be indispensable for a happy home. Without these fire elements, couples would remain cold, boring and detached.

When appropriately motivated and fuelled with positive convictions, these people would surmount problems, overcome obstacles, conquer enemies, astound critics and reach for the sky. They are changers, movers and shakers of the society. For those who are familiar with the scriptural stories of Moses, that’s an example of a fire personality!



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