Lagos Hotel Where Room Costs Over N1m Per Night


Lagos Hotel Where Room Costs Over N1m Per Night

A video shared on TikTok by a filmmaker and content creator, Steven Ndukwu, on Thursday, showcases the interior of a luxurious hotel room at the Delborough Hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos.

The hotel staff in the video, who led the tour through an executive suite of the hotel priced at approximately $700, said it was “the most advanced room in West Africa.”

He stated that the suite boasts three key technological features, including voice-activated controls and a central hub for managing all aspects of the room. He added that there were also complimentary items in the room, including pyjamas.

The staff further revealed some other features of the room, including a “kingdom of heaven” bed with 1,000 thread counts Egyptian cotton sheets.

The suite was also said to offer guests a choice of two pillow menus: a duck feather option and a “nanotechnology smart pillow” that supposedly moulds to the sleeper’s head for ultimate comfort.

He said, “We thought through how we could give you the best experience. Will a 400-thread counts bed sheet do it? No?  600? No. 800? No. We went for a 1,000-thread counts bed sheet. Egyptian luxury thread counts. It is as if you are sleeping on a cloud.

“To top it up and elevate your experience, we brought you two amazing pillow menus. The duck-feather menu and the smart pillow. A memory pillow, it’s a nanotechnology style, that when you lay down your head, it’s take the best shape and memorise it.”

Further highlighting the integration of technology throughout the room, he revealed a television that doubles as a mirror.

“This is the mirror TV. Everything is integrated into technology. Everything here has been thought through to give you the best experience,” he said.

He also mentioned the availability of “50 luxury cars” with experienced chauffeurs to offer VIP services to guests at the hotel.

A look at the hotel’s website reveals a variety of room options, ranging from the Presidential Suite at $1262 per night to the Deluxe Single Standard Room at $205 per night.

The opening of the highbrow Delborough Lagos Hotel was done in December 2023.

Owned by a businessman and the Chief Executive Officer of Stanel Group, Stanley Uzochukwu, the hotel was reported to be set to take hospitality to another level, as some likened its quality and standard to what is obtainable in some developed countries.