It Is Okay

It Is Okay

It is okay to look good, feel good and to be happy. We are not demanding too much if we want to be treated with kindness and respect. We are human beings with legitimate feelings and needs.

But, many people might have to work extra hard to make ends meet. Resources might not be readily within their reach. Some conditions can be beyond anyone’s control.

Things happen; it is okay to have difficulties once in a while. It is okay to feel confused, to run out of ideas, or go broke once in a while. One might not know what to do next, who to talk to or where to find a missing piece of one’s life puzzle.

Our realities might be baffling, the big picture might be fuzzy, the little details might be distracting and the current situation can be confusing. We can’t possibly have explanations for everything, and so, we don’t have to go into self doubt or drop low into depression. That is what makes us to be humans and it is okay.

There will always be someone ahead of us. Someone will have better lives than ours, better positions, more money, more love, more knowledge and higher qualifications; almost more everything.

Yet, life requires that one should learn to appreciate what he has and be happy about it. So many people wish they have our kind of spouses, our kind of children, and our kind of cars. They wish to have our accommodation, our phone, our kind of life styles, our kind of opportunities, and our kind of problems. They would even agree to exchange their destinies with ours, if possible!

As a result, we have to learn that no one has it all or knows it all and no one can do it all alone. Perhaps, some things happen to us because we have a sense of reckless indifference. That is, most of the situations in which we find ourselves could be consequences of our actions and/or inactions. We could have been stupid, ignorant, naïve or impulsive. Shouldn’t we then, strive to be wiser, braver, and stronger?

Sometimes, therefore, it is okay to risk asking for help. We should go ahead and admit our weaknesses, go limping towards anyone that can help us remove the thorns in our souls that keep us nailed to our hurting pasts. To get relieved of all these cruel stings of inner hurts, we should continue to make well-informed efforts in the right direction, so that all clouds in the skies of our minds will become showers, watering our parched and dry souls into fertile new beginnings.


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