Let The Will Of People Prevail In Abia, Group Tells INEC 


Let The Will Of People Prevail In Abia, Group Tells INEC 


Abia State Human Rights and Pro-democracy Group has called on the Independent National Electoral Commission to immediately rise up to the occasion and save Abia State from avoidable crisis by resolving the logjam encountered in the governorship election held on Saturday.

The group in a statement signed by its coordinator, Mr Damian Ogudike, on Tuesday, noted with dismay that INEC State Returning Officer, Resident Electoral Commissioner and other actors in the commission “are being pressured” with the outcome of the results from Obingwa LGA of Abia State.

The rights group said that the majority of the people of Abia State spoke in loud voices with their votes on whom they want to represent them in government starting from the presidential/ National Assembly polls to last Saturday’s governorship and state assembly polls

The group called on INEC to resist any form of pressure in accepting “flawed results” procured from a particular local government area and therefore save the face of the commission and its agents from public odium.

The statement read, “Tension is building up already across different parts of the state by the restive youths who are not taking chances these days in allowing their mandate to be stolen by any political actor or parties.

“The desperation to take power by hook or crook being exhibited by some forces leaves much to be desired while those who read the signs of the present times don’t need any prophet or seer to tell them that things have changed.

“It is our unshaken position that input legitimacy should not be toyed with at any time in the democratic process as the process through which a public official emerges into public office is very much vital as to also what the public person does in office after getting power.

“Subverting the peoples’ will in a brazen manner and resort to the provocative slogan ‘If not satisfied, go to court’ will not be accepted anymore in Abia State.  The people deserve the kind of a leader they gave their consent to, through the democratic process of voting and no more shall they be deprived of this their guaranteed democratic rights.

“To do the contrary poses serious danger to the society and we implore INEC and other desperate politicians to avoid setting Abia State on fire by their actions or inactions. Let the outcome of the final result be a reflection of the wish of the electorate who braved all odds to come out and exercise their franchise,” the right group stated.