How To Look Younger- Iyabo Ojo


How To Look Younger- Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo ojo  is not new to Nigerian film industry popularly known as “Nollywood.” Apart from been an actress she is also a producer  who  has been in the industry for close to two decades yet she has not stop dishing out scintillating performances to  millions of her fans around the world.

Born about 39years ago to the mix family of Yoruba and Edo parents- Her father is from Abeokuta, Ogun state, while her mother is from Edo state.

She is one of the few Nigerian actresses who has taken her make believe profession to outside the shores of Nigeria having shoot most of her films in Ghana, Togo, America, Dubai and so many European countries.

The talented actress who studied Estate Management from Lagos State Polytechnic in this exclusive interview with The Glitters Online, AJIBADE ALABI in her beautiful office located in Ikeja, Lagos revealed among others thing while she still bears the name Iyabo Ojo despite the fact that she has divorced the man who bears the name Mr. Ojo. Excepts


Iyabo Ojo is a name that is synonymous with you for many years. Don t you have any other names apart from Iyabo Ojo?

Ojo is my marital name, it is a name I have been using since when I was married and it was the name that I brought into the industry, even after I left my husband I still stuck to the name Ojo. So Iyabo Ojo was like a brand name to me. My names are Alice Iyabo Ogunro, I am from Ogun state, my father is from Abeokuta, while my mother is from Benin, Edo State. My mother parents are from Delta – Ibo so you could call me Nigeria half –cast (general laughter)

So what has industry did for Iyabo Ojo as an actress and as a society lady?

The industry has done a lot of things for me, because it has opened a lot of doors, it has given me an opportunity to meet with people of high society and to make a lot of money. So, I can say the industry has been so good to me, at least I would say I am blessed to have been in the industry.

But despite the good things that the industry has brought to you, there must be some sorts of black spots. Like the negative side of the paparazzi?

Well paparazzi come with our job. It is a thing you expect to come with the job, and so when it comes you have to adapt to it, so you don’t see it as part of defect again, you see it as part of your profession, part of the industry, is a price one has to paid for stardom, and if you look at it from that perspective you don’t see it as any big deal anymore, you see it as part of what you go through as actress. Like the popular saying there is no gain without pain, which is what we see as celebrities. People encroach into your private life and write all sorts of stories they like about you some which are not even true, and these are the sorts of stories that society will use to judge you, and we just have to move on not to border about the stories being written about you.

And talking about bad press, do you still have any bad memory of press that hunts you most?

Like I said, I am use to it, so I don t get upset with what has been written about me, especially bad news, when it comes it comes with a lot of news and it goes. I don’t want to remember any bad press. I am not someone that dwells in the past, I don’t care about the past, because me talking about it brings back bad memory which I don’t want to think about.

After close to two decades in the industry what legacies you have put into the industry, especially for the upcoming ones?

Yes I have put in a lot, especially for the upcoming ones. I tried to tell them how to do it right. I let them to understand that humility is very important and to be humble. I also told them to look at the footstep of those who are successful in the industry. Obviously you don’t need to take to the steps of someone who was not successful in the industry. If you moved with the right people you will be successful and if you are humble and respectful it will open doors for you, and if you work very hard and have the fear of God in your heart definitely you will be a success, but some of them want to get to the top quickly, they forgot that everything is step by step with endurance. You don’t come to the industry because of money, because if you come to the industry and you did not get it in time, you will get frustrated, but if you come for the arts you will enjoy it even when the money is not yet forthcoming and with time people will get to know you and notice you, then the money will come.

Talking of caucus, which caucus do you belong to?

I belonged to Odunfa Caucus

 Can you tell our readers how old is Iyabo Ojo?

I am 39 years; I will be 40 by December, 2017.

That is interesting, but you never looked it?

Well I thank God for that

Tell us the secret?

I eat in modest. I believe in my youthful look, been an actress and a celebrity so I have to be careful with my look and stature, I need my look, so I could continue to act, so i take very good care of my body and skin, I don’t eat late, I don’t eat too much junk food and I try to drink a lot of water, so I take very good care of my skin and face because that is the business I do and like they do say looking good is a good business.


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