UK Police Drop Charges Against Man Utd Forward, Greenwood


UK Police Drop Charges Against Man Utd Forward, Greenwood

The United Kingdom police have dropped all charges against embattled Manchester United footballer, Mason Greenwood.

The 21-year-old forward faced allegations of attempted rape, controlling and coercive behaviour, and assault.

According to SkyNews, the trial date had been set for November 27, 2023.

Greater Manchester Police, said, “criminal proceedings had been discontinued by the Crown Prosecution Service.”

TGMP’s Head of Public Protection, Michaela Kerr, said, “it was ‘only fair’ that the force publicised the latest development given the significant media coverage of this case.”

She added, “The investigation team has remained in regular contact with the legal team, providing any updates of note, and so understand the rationale for the discontinuation of proceedings at this stage, and that this decision has not been taken lightly.

“Despite the media and public’s interest in this case, we have decided not to comment on it in any further detail,” she maintained.