Foundation, LASEPA Advocate Noiseless Lagos

Foundation, LASEPA Advocate Noiseless Lagos


Kemi Remi-Dairo Hearing Foundation, a non-profit organisation with the major aim of providing possible medical treatment platforms, access to financial/technical support and education to the public on the gift of hearing, as well as speech to people with hearing loss and awareness on noise pollution, has been nominated by LASEPA to be one of the ambassador of noiseless Lagos even as the foundation also pledged to support Lagos state government in noise pollution awareness.

At the 4th annual stakeholders interactive session on noise pollution control in Lagos state KRDHF said, it is possible to achieve a smart city via reduction of noise pollution.

With the theme: “Noise mapping and new urban development plan – the Lagos experience, the founder of KRDHF, Kemi Remi-Dairo said that this is what she has been desiring that government should get involved in the advocacy so that people would know what is happening and how individuals can help protect their ear organs. “Though I see it as individual challenge, people need to preserve and protect themselves from noise. Now that government is interested, we would want them to enforce the law so that individuals, groups, organisations etc. will work to achieve a noiseless environment.

‘Here we are now, I found it difficult to hear myself because is noisy. We are used to making noise. But do you know what, most people talking about noise are already having ear problem but they don’t know. That is how the statistics starts; we have lost it and we need to correct it. I was ignorant of it for a year and I didn’t know I was deaf. I was still reading voices, stressing myself to hear people but I never knew it was that bad. We need to come together and say no to noise and also want government to enforce it so that everybody will be conscious of the danger of noise making to our hearing organs.

That is why we are here”. On how possible that could be, she said,

“It is possible, though it might take a gradual process but it’s realistic . Like one of the speakers said in the programme that if you know you would pay for offence, then you will obey the law. No citizen is above the law.

If I know that when driving along the road you don’t press the horn anyhow, then it’s achievable.

In the US, the only place you are allowed to press horn is when one is in emergency, maybe a car is about hitting your car.

On her strategy to drive the foundation, she said that the foundation is on advocacy, sensitising people when Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) saw us and invited us for this programme.

“I’m a victim, my story is enough to tell you that noise making is deadly. It is not something to ignore. When I was crying all over looking for help, nobody could help me. This is the same message we are taking to people.

Check the ear plums, and everything to help you where there is much noise so that you walk freely without getting affected. These some pre-measures we are trying to work on.

In addition, the General Manager of Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA), Engr. Antonio Ayodele, the session which was organised every year, was aimed at sensitising and creating awareness on emerging issues and impacts of noise pollution with a view to providing lasting solutions to the menace.


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