Gov Election 2023: EU To Present Interim Report Monday


Gov Election 2023: EU To Present Interim Report Monday

The European Union is expected to make a preliminary statement on the observation from the governorship and state House of Assembly elections.

The European Union Chief Observer, Barry Andrews, made this known to journalists on Saturday.

The EU Observer Missions have been on the ground since January, 2023 and have their team deployed across the states.

Andrews noted that its final report of both the February 25 and March 18 elections would be made available within three months after the elections.

The Chief Observer who visited five polling units; Kalada OP (017); Barking Ado (006); Aunty Alice Secondary school polling unit; among others in Karu Local Government Area in Nasarawa State observed that the election was peaceful and technology deployed was functional.

He however observed that the turn out was low.

Andrews said, “We are here on the invitation of the Independent national Electoral Commission and we are here to carry out an assessment of the election process.

“We have been deployed here since early January and we will continue our deployment here till April and then we will produce the final report within three months after the end of the election and it will contain all our conclusions and recommendations.

“We will assess the elections based on criteria that are internationally accepted and are based on Nigeria’s commitments within its own legislation, and also international conventions.

“Generally, the criteria we tested against are inclusivity and credibility, being the overall process it takes in the entire media, judicial and legislative landscape; that is why we deployed for such a long period of time.

“We will do a preliminary statement based on today’s election in two days time. Our overall mission here is to try to deepen the roots of democracy and Nigeria to be a valuable partner for those who are dedicated to that idea.”

He added, “Well, we have more than 60 people deployed across the country. I have actually visited four polling units so far this morning, but it would be impossible to draw any conclusion.

“It is important that international monitors and domestic monitors are circulating around the polling units because it encourages a methodology that is supposed to be followed and it has the effect of reducing attempts at fraud and increasing the transparency of the overall process.

“However, the polling units opened on time, and that is great that the technology has been working and it has been peaceful. But I must really emphasise that it is impossible to draw any conclusions of any value.”

When asked if Nigerians should expect anything new from its report on Monday, he noted, “The report will refer to the activities of today and the collation process, the uploading of the results to the IReV platform. I hope you would not be disappointed. It will be honest, and it will be robust.”