1.5 magnitude Earthquake Recorded In British City, Blackpool


1.5 magnitude Earthquake Recorded In British City, Blackpool

The British Geological Survey has recorded an earthquake measuring 1.5 magnitude in Blackpool.

The quake took place at about 7.30pm Friday with shocked residents reporting their cabinets shaking.

Others reported hearing a noise like a train approaching around the time of the tremor.

The SUN gathered that locals took to social media to ask if other people had “felt the earthquake” in Blackpool.

One said, “Me, wasn’t sure what it was at first but def felt it!”

Another commented, “My friend in Plumpton did but felt nothing in central Blackpool.”

According to Lancs Live, the British Geological Survey said, “We have received online macroseismic reports from residents in Blackpool, Little Plumpton, Weeton and Westby of this event being felt. Reports described, “a noise like a train coming near”, “ourselves and several neighbours heard it”, “our dogs were disturbed” and “the computer and cabinets shook”.

It added that the earthquake was only the second to have happened in the vicinity of Lancashire in the last 60 days, with the first being 35km off the Blackpool coast in the Irish Sea.

Blackpool communities were concerned about the return of the tremors when former Prime Minister Liz Truss reversed the ban on fracking last year.


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