A Mother Having Sex With Her Son!


A Mother Having Sex With Her Son!

Sleeping with a close blood relative is incest and the most common is when a randy father thinks nothing of sleeping with his daughter – no matter how young.

Yet you hear stories of siblings sleeping with each other, especially those who share sleeping mats in cramped accommodation. Seldom do you hear of a mother – except a step-mum maybe – sleeping with her son.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

Only it’s more cleverly concealed. Some years ago in Britain, Aimee, a 35 year -old mother of six children was hauled before the court for sleeping with her 14-year-old son! She’d given him up for adoption at birth but was able to re-connect with him on Facebook through the help of a relative.

“Soon messages were flying back and forth between them,” the report read.

They both desperately wanted to get to know each other. She learnt he was going through a tough time with his adoptive family. Aimee’s heart went out to him and before long she suggested they should meet up in person.

He was living 40 miles from Aimee’s home and straight away they made plans to be reunited. They were both imagining an emotional meeting.

“But what actually happened was unthinkable. When they came face- to-face-mother and son – Aimee’s feelings surprised her. She had five other children and knew what maternal feelings were. Yet this wasn’t the usual love a mother had for her boy.

The feelings Aimee was experiencing were far, far more powerful. They were ones of lust, passion and temptation. She didn’t see him as the son she’d given up for adoption.

She saw him as a man and was overwhelmed by the intense physical attraction she felt. She couldn’t ignore this powerful sexual urge. She wanted him – badly! “Aimee decided to act on her feelings.

Despite the fact he was her own flesh and blood, she set out to seduce him. She invited him to go to a hotel with her. Once there, she lured him into bed, and they had sex.

Aimee was 35, he was just 14. She was sleeping with her own son. It was incest, without a shadow of doubt. Their once innocent relationship had morphed into something horrifyingly unnatural. And it didn’t stop there…. She also invited him to her brother’s house where she seduced him for a second time. And then a third and fourth. “Her young son was very confused by what was going on. He was just a teenager and hadn’t expected this to happen when he met his biological mother for the first time. And it wasn’t long before he realised something wasn’t right.

He went to the police and told them he’d slept with his own mother. After an investigation, a warrant was issued for Aimee’s arrest. Eventually, she handed herself in to the police, telling them: ‘I’m innocent.’ She denied ever having had sex with her son. But she was charged and released on bail.

Her lawyer Kenneth Burch said: ‘Aimee maintains she’s innocent. The accusations of incest have been very difficult for her.’ The case shocked the authorities and mental health experts, who said it was the worst thing that could happen to the boy. Dr. Gerald Shiener, a local doctor, claimed he’d never known anything like it. He said: ‘Hearing about something like this is every man’s night.mare. It’s an abomination. ‘

“In time, Aimee Louise Sword, 35, appeared in court. As part of a plea bargain that saw three other charges dropped, she pleaded guilty to one count of having sex with her son. The prosecution said Sword was guilty of a ‘selfish, cowardly, despicable act’ for having sex with the 14- year-old, made even worse by the fact he was going through a difficult time in his life. Her lawyer Mitchell Ribitwer told the court Sword’s behaviour was unexplainable.

He said. ‘When she saw this boy. something just happened inside her. It wasn’t a mother-son relationship, it was a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. ‘Aimee’s searching for a reason as to why this happened. She can’t understand it. She’s going to get counselling.’

“Ribitwer concluded: `she is not a paedophile or someone who preys on children.’ The court heard that Sword had changed her plea to guilty to spare her son the trauma of having to testify in front of a packed court. Eventually, wearing a black dress and pearls, Aimee Sword herself stood up and addressed the room … ‘I want to apologise to the court and to my children … ‘ she announced. ‘I am sorry for everything that occurred. 1 don’t understand it.’ However, a psychological evaluation of Sword found her to be ‘controlling and manipulative’.

“In his summing-up. Judge Daniel O’Brten told the court he felt. the need to ‘protect society’ from Sword in future. He sentenced her to serve at least nine years in prison.

He also banned her from having further contact with her son and ordered her to sign the sex offenders’ register. Her supporters filed out of the court in tears. Aimee has since told her friends she is confident she will recover from the experience.

“But what about the son she took to her bed? Experts are concerned the damage to him could be long-lasting. Dr. Shiener said: This could be his first sexual experience, and his flrst sexual experience could be so conflicted, so unusual. so prohibited that it will st.ay with him for life.’ Meanwhile, the small community where Aimee was a popular figure is still reeling from the shock. People there could never have imagined what was happening behind closed doors …”


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